Our Story

wed Company was founded in 1963 This is the result of great efforts that culminated in the successes that accompanied the hard work of developing production lines Roasting and preparing Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans and adding the finest international flavors To enrich the needs of the market with products that achieve consumer satisfaction. In order to meet the requirements of the internal and external market, we have worked to develop new production lines It is characterized by the production of cappuccino, which is rich in taste, which flattens the senses of the consumer with the best flavors and international desserts. The Plains brand is one of Sweden's brands and is specialized in preparing coffee, cappuccino, milo and hot chocolate Packed with the latest modern standards. We aim to establish partnerships with our customers by supplying our products at the best prices and quality. We are also making a double effort to continue to work and innovate and seek to embody our passion for achieving our vision by providing products that satisfy your tastes Wishing you success and success.

About Our Products

prepared with great care using the latest artistic toasters. The finest Brazilian and Colombian coffee was selected and the world's first antioxidant